Twas the Friday before Christmas..

And all through the store, new seafood, deli delish, snowmen and hip-shaking Santas made home for the season. So without further ado..


Snowmen, New Years’ Hats, and more!

Christmas is fast approaching! With it comes the only day of the year we close (All Day!) and our store Christmas Party (Closing 12/21 @6PM), so be sure to stop in before we close on Christmas Eve (7AM – 6PM), to pick up supplies for your Christmas Dinner! Or perhaps you’re interested in ordering a Christmas Ham? Check below for updates in the Seafood, Meat and Deli Department!

For today’s Seafood delivery we’ve gotten fresh ocean caught Oregon Crab (2lbs&up!), Rockfish, Petrale Sole, Dover Sole, Ahi Tuna, Manila Clams, Halibut tails, Crab cakes, Prawns, Oysters, & Scallops!

We’ll also be having Lobster in for Christmas, coming in on Monday! So be sure to stop by or call in to reserve your lobster(s), as they go quickly when they get in!

Live Lobster in time for Christmas!


We’ll also be doing Jeanie’s Homemade Bone-In Ham Dinners this year, so if you’re interested, be sure to stop in or call-in an order! We’d also like to thank everyone for the compliments and yum’s we heard back for everyone this year’s Thanksgiving dinner! Always a great thing to hear!

We also have Spiral and Bone-In Hams available by themselves in the Meat Department, and will have cooked ham in the Deli!

Jeanie’s Christmas Ham Dinner

  Neither Ham, nor Lobster up your alley? Then you’re probably like me, and love some Standing Rib Roast for Christmas!

  We’re currently taking orders for Standing Rib Roasts in the Meat Department, so be sure to stop in and talk with Jess, Chung, or I (Bryon), all rib roasts will be fresh cut and tied, and we do have Boneless option available! We haven’t run out just yet, but we do have a lot of orders, so be sure to call in before we run out!

 Qu’est ce que c’est? Looking for something else?

  We have plenty of fresh Beef cuts, Pork cuts and Chicken, as per normal, and we also have Lamb! Perfect for making an authentic Shepard’s Pie!

   And if all that still doesn’t have your mind in a spin, we also have in Fresh Mary’s Free Range Turkey, but we only have 7 as of this posting, so stop in quickly if you’re looking for a turkey! Turkey sizes are roughly 14-16lbs each!

The Little Apple wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays for all the awesome and festive Holidays this time of year that bring us all together!