Turkey Time! Order your Turkey & Thanksgiving Dinners here at the Little Apple!

Seems like it wasn’t that long ago, but here we are! We are taking orders of fresh turkeys for this Thanksgiving in a variety of sizes and types. This year we have Norbest Whole Turkeys (around 10 lbs and up to 30lbs), Mary’s Free Range Turkeys (around 10 lbs to 24 lBs), Mary’s Organic Turkeys (around 10 lb to 16 lbs), & Norbest Bone In Turkey Breast (usually 6 lb to 8 lb).

This year we will be open from 7AM to 3PM on Thanksgiving Day. If you have an order for day of, please remember to plan a pickup of around 2PM. Just as every year, Jeanie will be cooking up our homemade full Turkey Dinners! We will be offering a discount of $20 for pre-orders placed before the 18th, then normal price thereafter. We will also take platter orders up until the Monday that week, 11/21st, for pickup on Thanksgiving day. For anyone looking for something smaller but in keeping with the holiday, we will be offering our Turkey Dinner Plates! And we will have plenty of extra Turkey, Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, and Dinner Rolls in the Deli on a first come first serve basis. Dinner plates can be pre-ordered too, so don’t wait! Our helpful flyer can be found below with details. Call or stop in today!