Teaming up with the Rinehart Clinic to teach kids about healthy teeth!

This morning in a really fun collab with the awesome folks over at the Rinehart Clinic the Apple took a foray into the acting world!

Today we performed a small skit for the kids over at the Nehalem Elementary on the importance of healthy eating and taking care of their teeth. Featured are Denise Weiss, Alice Jeffers, Keri Scott, and Jane Dageenakis as our local Tooth Fairy, Plaque Fairy, and Plaque Monster! This was a lot of fun to participate in, and we will have more posts as we continue to collaborate on healthy recipes and eats for the Year of Wellness!

Click this link to see a video of the skit done earlier this morning, you can also find it on The Rinehart Clinic’s Facebook too!

Rinehart Clinic Tooth Fairy SkitToday the Oral Health Integration team joined the Manzanita Grocery & Deli to perform a Tooth Fairy Skit at Nehalem Elementary!

Posted by Rinehart Clinic on Friday, April 1, 2016