Post Tornado Update

Hello everyone!

The last two days have been crazy, and we’re glad to see that no one was reported injured from the tornado! A lot of people have been asking about the store, specifically our blue screen door, our employees, and the neighborhood. I’ll be updating this page later as new information becomes available for cleanup and helping out.

As to the store, our blue screen door, and employees: We are all okay! No major damage to the store itself and everyone inside was safe and sound when it hit Laneda. We were using our Facebook to keep everyone updated on the situation and that seems to have worked great for getting the news out to people without power about hot food and coffee. I’d like to thank everyone that helped get our message out to the crews and people around town so no one went hungry!

Today we intend to be open as norm, but closing now at 9PM as we switch back to winter hours.

A bigger thanks for the outpouring of kind words, support, and love for us, our neighbors, and our community immediately after the storm hit! With the awesome EVC, Police, Firefighters, Tillamook PUD folks and everyone helping to board up windows, roofs, and clearing debris our community is able to bounce back from this bizarre storm.

While we were lucky, there is many homes and businesses that were damaged, such as Moxie’s, Wisteria, Cones & Coffee, Longevity, and Salt & Paper. Community is already coming together to help with a plan to get them back to normal asap. Many businesses are back in action and open today so be sure to check in.

As of this post there is a GoFundMe for Moxie’s setup, found here. Haven’t heard just yet for the other businesses in the building but will update when I do.

As always, have a great day, and thank you for your continued support of our great community.


A facebook page has been put together for the Relief effort. There you can find a ton of resources, numbers, and people related to the effort. In particular those worst affected should contact the CARE of Tillamook county,, and just mention tornado relief when talking with a case manager. They are open 9-4PM during the week.