Opah! Fresh in from Pacific Seafood today!

Today we’ve gotten another great batch of seafood from Terry at Pacific Seafoods!

In the seafood case now we’ve got some great fresh Opah (aka Moonfish or Sunfish) from Hawaii and fresh Mako Shark (more info on Mako & recipe here!)! We’ve also got a new type of steamer clam in, Venus Clams, an excellent eating clam found in the southern West Coast. These delicious catches join our regularly in fresh cast of Rock Fish, Sockeye Salmon, Yellow Fin Tuna, & Ling Cod, all in fresh today!

All this joins the great CS Fishery delivered Dungeness Crab and Black Cod from yesterday, with more great Seafood coming in tomorrow from Ocean Beauty! We’re glad everyone is enjoying the variety we’ve been able to bring in three+ times a week from Pacific Seafood, Ocean Beauty, & CSF.

Opah makes great eating when raw as Sashimi, but can also be broiled, baked, steamed, sauteed or smoked just as easily. Versatile like Rockfish, yet rich in Omega-3 oils like Black Cod, Opah is a delicious and nutritious treat. It’s taste is described as rich & creamy, a cross between Tuna and Swordfish. Try the Sauteed Opah with Lemon-Miso-Honey Sauce by Deb at Kahakai Kitchen here.