Meaty Monday Special – August 18th

Heyo Everyone!

Another Monday has arrived, so it’s time for more specials from Jess in the Meat Department! Today we’ll be having not only fresh cuts of Beef & Pork, but a fresh Seafood delivery as well!

We’re expecting our Seafood delivery at around 1:00PM today, and we’ll be having live Lobster today! We’re glad everyone enjoyed the two batches we brought in last week, so we’ll be having it again this week. Be sure to stop in as they went quickly last time!

We will be having King Salmon, Rock Fish, Cod, Steamer Clams, Oysters and more coming in fresh today and tomorrow as well!

Today’s meat special is all about the Beef:

Painted Hills Flat Iron Steaks are $10.99/lb

Boneless Chuck Roasts are only $3.99/lb

and the favorite of the month Sirloin Tip Steaks are $5.99/lb

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Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook for the update when the lobsters arrive!