Roasts, Steaks, Chops, & more!

Hey everyone, today we have two Pork and one Beef special freshly cut and on the shelf. We also have some really great Cube Steaks out in addition to the rest of Jess’ awesome steaks!

Today’s specials are:

Boneless Chuck Roasts @ $4.89/Lb, Country Style Pork Ribs @ $3.99/Lb, and Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops @ 2.99/Lb

And as for these awesome Cube steaks, I highly recommend the recipe you can find on our website. Jess talks about how many places make too tough a Cube steak for people to enjoy, so do come in and try our steaks. These are great tasting, inexpensive, quick cooking, quality steaks that’ll make you rethink your opinion on Cube steaks.