Labor Day Pics and Thanks!

Hey everyone!

We wanted to take this moment to thank everyone that came to the 18th Annual Labor Day Picnic and made it and donations towards the North County Food Bank a huge success! We especially wanted to thank the wonderful people at the North County Food Bank who volunteered to help keep the line moving so everyone could get a chance to enjoy the grub!

Every year we do this event to thank people in our community for supporting us throughout the year, and by extension, enabling us to sponsor, donate, and help, with varying events and commitments in our community, (and the occasional moving of heavy object when someone needs a hand). We love being able to give back to this community, making our stretch of shore the nicest place to live and work in!

And a double thanks to everyone that brought their favorite potluck dish, I personally enjoyed some really fantastic lemon bars!

Here’s a few out of MANY! pictures taken during the event! More will be uploaded over at our Facebook page later in the day, so be sure to poke a friend or tag yourself later this evening! Our FB page is here in case you missed it!