Happy Birthday America! & A Happy 4th to everyone!

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Today we will be open full hours, 7AM-10PM, but we will close for an hour during the parade. We will also be IN the parade, so be sure and give us a shout!

We have a TON of great stuff at the store, Fresh King Salmon, Rockfish, a ton of grill ready Steaks, Pork Chops et al! Spanky’s got tons of fresh produce all stocked up, and Jeanie’s doing overtime on all her great homemade dishes; famous Baked Beans, Dinner Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls, Spaghetti and more!

Fireworks stand is open 10AM-5PM today, so be sure to stock up on legal fireworks while donating to a great cause! I want to also take this moment to remind everyone to please use fireworks responsibly and that fires/fire works on the beach need to be at least 50+ feet AWAY from dune grass and other vegetation.

So Happy 4th! And keep awesome America!