Fresh Perch, Sturgeon, Crab & more! – 3/12

For this weekend’s fresh seafood we have:

Perch, Sturgeon, Dungeness Crab, Steelhead Salmon, Venus Clams, Manila Clams, 16/20 Count Raw & Cooked Prawns, Sockeye Salmon, Red Rockfish, Crab Cakes, and Pacific Cod!

Quite a few tried and enjoyed the Perch recipe I had posted the first time Perch came in, so be sure and try our recipe if you haven’t had it yourself just yet.

Sturgeon is in my personal top 5 favorites, and borrowing this recipe from Grandma makes a delectable dish (if a little heavy on the butter side).

Baked Cod with Potatoes is delicious, but you can also make a great meal with Pacific Cod in fish tacos or deep frying them for Fish & Chips!

Look forward this upcoming week to more of Greg’s Fresh Picks from the Produce section, and some cool picks from John up at the front!