Fresh Friday Seafood, Easter Goodies, and more!

An early Happy Easter to everyone!

Today we have plenty of Easter oriented goodies around the store. Egg dying kits, fresh flowers, yummy Peeps, Chocolates and Easter Candies, and (of course) Eggs!

In today for our locally caught and fresh fish we have:

(Wild) Halibut, King Salmon, Pacific Cod, and Rockfish.
(Farmed) Willapa Bay Oysters & Clams.

We also have more of our wild Yellowfin Tuna, Sockeye Salmon, Copper River Coho, Raw/Cooked Prawns, and Monkfish Tail.

In the Deli, Jeanie’s also cooking up her awesome Honey-glazed Hams, which we have a few whole and sliced! And if you’re looking to make your own ham or lamb, we have plenty of Lamb roasts, Lamb Racks, Spiral Sliced Hams & more in our Meat Department.