First Day of Spring! Yay! Flowers, Meat, Fish and … Youtube?

Hey everyone!

We’ve got a ton of stuff in today for the first day of (cloudy) Spring!

In the back with Jess, we’ve got some really great fresh King Salmon, Dover Sole, Ling Cod, Rockfish, Smelt by way of California, more Willapa Bay live Oysters (In Shell & Jarred) and live Clams. Also have more Trout, Monkfish Tail, Sockeye & Coho Salmon, Raw & Cooked Prawns, and some really nice Sea Scallops.

We got plenty of fresh Beef, Pork, and Chicken as well. Jess and I just got done cutting more Painted Hills Ribeye, New Yorks, Tenderloin, and Tri-Tip. We also cut some Cross Rib Steaks & Roasts, Stew Meat, and more of JessGround burger.

Over towards the front we’ve got more flowers in, Daffodils ready to bloom, Ranunculus‘ ready for planting, and more Flower Bouquets ready for your beau.

Greg’s gotten another delivery of fresh Produce in today, from Organic Apples to Zucchini he’s got you covered for all your produce needs.


A quick side note for our other news, we do have a Youtube Channel! (and the associated Google+ page, yay.) You can subscribe to our channel on Youtube here, and our G+ (if you use it) here.  I’m pretty excited about a project we have coming, so I hope you’ll all enjoy it when it arrives!


Happy Spring everyone!