Father’s Day Weekend Specials! Crab, Lobster, Steaks & More!

More great stuff in for this weekend and a Father’s Day special too!

From Astoria & Garibaldi, fresh in today and yesterday, we’ve got Live Maine LobsterFresh Ocean Dungeness (Special @ $9.99/Lb), Fresh Black Rockfish, Fresh Red Rockfish,  Fresh Ling Cod, Fresh King Salmon, Fresh Alaskan Sockeye, Fresh Halibut, Live Savory Clams, Live Willapa Bay Oysters, Live Willapa Bay Manila Clams, Fresh Salad Shrimp, and more!

If you’re not feeling the Sea, then maybe some great Roasts & Steaks will wet your appetite! We’ve got plenty of fresh cuts for this sunny weather! Chuck Roasts, Cross Rib Roasts, Bottom & Top Round Roasts, all make great BBQ seasoned and on a hot grill. Plenty of choices, so be sure to talk to Jess or I (Bryon, hi!) in the Meat Department!

Greg’s got a ton of his great fresh produce, including local & organic produce from places like King Fisher Farms (Fresh Salad Mixes) & Green Fork Farms (Rainbow Chard, Parsley, Black Kale, & Fresh Salad Mixes). 

Fresh Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Apricots, Hood River Cherries, all from Oregon & Washington. Greg’s hoping for Strawberries in the next week or so.

In the Deli, we’ve got a ton of our homemade Salads, Jeanie’s homemade desserts and Dinner Rolls, tons of fresh Baked Chicken, hot homemade dishes, and of course, homemade Cookies!