Excuse Our Construction With These Specials! – 4/18

Good morning everyone!

In fresh just now we have another great delivery from Pacific Seafood, bringing in another excellent batch of fresh Dungeness Crab, Sockeye Salmon, Manila Clams, Oysters in the shell, Bay Shrimp, Pacific Cod, Red Rockfish, Black Cod (Sablefish), Sea Scallops, & your favorite 16/20 Peeled and Deveined Raw Prawns!

For today’s Meaty Monday special, Jess has just got done cutting up three great Beef deals today: Top Round Steaks @ $4.99/LB, Cross Rib Steaks @ $3.99/LB, and London Broil @ $4.99/LB!

While popping over for lunch at the Deli today you will notice that we have the area in front of our Hot Case walled off. We will be doing a bit of construction for the duration of today, so please excuse our construction! We know this may cause some inconvenience for people on their lunch break, so between 11AM to 2PM please enjoy $1 off all Large Entrees, 50 cents off all Small Entrees, and just $4.95 for our cold cut Deli Sandwiches! (Excluding Roast Beef, sorry!) We will also be having 10% off Groceries throughout the store in addition to our Deli special. A great time to check out our gallon milks (1%, 2%, and Fat Free) all at $1.99 each too. We thank you for your patience and business! :)