Contest Countdown!

Hey everyone!

We have been going through the submissions for these amazing desserts from the community over the last week and due to the number of entries and forthcoming entries we have decided to extend the final draw until January 15th (Next Wednesday).

Those who entered before our previous deadline will have bonus points applied to their final scores for entering on time.

We thank everyone who has expressed interest in this contest (our first!) and for helping to make this a success! We look forward to our next contest we will be holding in the upcoming months.

For those looking for the entry form, it can still be found here:

If you would like to turn in your entry by hand instead of at the above link, please drop off any entries with either myself, (Bryon), or at the front register.

We look forward to finishing this community contest and posting our awesome winners next week! All of these desserts are phenomenal so far!