Christmas is almost here! Store Hours, Christmas Party, Dinner ideas & more!

Hey all,

We had a great time catering for the Pine Grove Potluck last night! It was a lovely evening, and we’re glad so many of you enjoyed the food. The gentleman at the piano was amazing and I hope to hear him at next year’s potluck. :) Thanks for having us back again this year!

This Thursday is our annual Christmas Work Party, we will be open normally at 7AM, but close at 5PM. We will be open regular hours Friday 7AM to 10PM.

This Christmas Eve we will open regular hours (7AM) and be open until 5PM.
Christmas Day we will remain closed all day, and we will be opening on the day after (26th) at 8AM until 10PM.
New Year’s Eve we will be open 7AM to 10PM.

You can always check our store hours under our “About Us” page – Hours here.

We are taking pre-orders for our Prime Rib Roasts, which make for my favorite Christmas dinner, and will be doing the same for live Lobster and Hams as well over the next week+. If you’re looking for a special cut, you can always ask for us to set aside any special cuts or amount different from what we have in the case, thicker Ribeyes, Prime Rib Roasts, Pork Chops, Tenderloin Roasts, a specific Salmon fillet cut, to name a few. We will continue to do our best to help with whatever you’re looking for.

Weather permitting, we’ll have a huge selection of great and local fresh seafood, hopefully including some great Oregon Crab should the season be started here soon, fingers crossed! Be sure to check in on our weekly delivery days for the freshest seafood (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).