ACE Cider Sampling Today 2PM – 4PM! – 4/9

Independent & Family Owned, Big wins in our book!

Independent & Family Owned, Big wins in our book!

Today we’ll be having our ACE Cider sampling at 2PM to 4PM, giving you the perfect opportunity to try an award-winning cider out of California and maybe pick some up at a special price of $4.99!

ACE is produced by the California Cider Company, which has been making ciders in Sonoma County, California since 1993. Using only the best eating apples for their juice and comprising of seven distinct flavors (all gluten free and low on the calorie side), you can find ACE Ciders across the country (40 states and counting) and in Manzanita!

If you enjoy a crisp and refreshing hard cider, be sure to stop in today between 2PM and 4PM for a sample of Ace’s Pineapple Hard Cider that pairs perfectly with Seafood (which so happens to be on an excellent sale this weekend!), Pork, and anything BBQ’d!

We'll be sampling the Pineapple Hard Cider from 2PM-4PM this Saturday! Don't miss the sampling or the giveaway!

Ace produces a whole line of great Ciders, of which we’ll be sampling one this Saturday at 2PM!