4th of July Fundraising Booth

Manzanita Fireworks Fundraising Booth

June 22  –  July 5, 2018    Open Daily at 10:00AM

Proceeds go to the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay and Rinehart Clinic in Wheeler.

Make sure you stop by the Manzanita Fireworks Fundraising Booth in our parking lot to support our local community.  They have tons of great items including: flags, patriotic rubber duckies, hats, tiaras, fans, pinwheels, glasses, necklaces, sparklers, fireworks, and lots more…

The Manzanita Fireworks Booth benefits two important non-profits that serve the North Tillamook County community:

  • Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay – The Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay is dedicated to building community and regional resilience, developing programs to ensure readiness and creating a culture of emergency preparedness.  EVCNB focuses its work in the Nehalem Bay region, with outreach and support to all of Tillamook County.
  • Rinehart Clinic – The Rinehart Clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Center on the North Oregon Coast that provides ompassionate, comprehensive, and personalized healthcare to all who need it.  Proceeds from this fundraiser help support patient transportation and medical supply needs.

Be sure to say “Thank you!” to the many volunteers that make this fundraising possible.  They are appreciated!