Fresh Friday Seafood in now!

Fresh delivery from Astoria for this weekend, plenty of grill ready fish to go with a beautiful sunny day!

Today we have in:

Locally Fresh & Wild: King Salmon, True Cod, Dover Sole, Rock fish, Petrale Sole.
Locally Farmed: Willapa Bay live Oysters & Willapa Bay live Clams
IQF: Raw Prawns, Cooked Prawns, Lobster Tails, Yellowfin Tuna, Sea Scallops, Monkfish Tails, Calamari, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, & Copper River Coho Salmon.

Expect to see more great fresh Salmon in the coming weeks as we get closer to Summer as more and more fresh Salmon start coming in. This year is already off to a great start it seems so hopefully it’ll be as awesome as last year in terms of fresh Salmon!

Be sure to check out this recipe for “Planked” Salmon, an easy grill recipe!